Michael Wallace Foundation for Mental Wellness


18 Years

18 years ago, on this day, my brother walked away from his home in Menlo Park, California. He was depressed, and anxious, and felt he lived in a world of people who just “don’t get it”.

It is what you make it

It is what you make it...Today is Michael’s 45th birthday. We do not have reservations for dinner and we will not be celebrating with cake.  There are no gifts to wrap, no home for us to visit…no number for us to call. It’s been this way for 15 years. Maybe the...

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Happy Birthday, Mikey...One of the very first memories I have as a child is looking up at the maternity ward at Leominster Hospital to see our mother standing there holding our brand new baby brother at the window for us to see. That was 44 years ago today. Michael...

Missing: Year 13

Missing: Year 13...13 years ago today Michael left his home in Menlo Park, California and bought a CalTran ticket for enough stops to get him to the RMV.   His plan for that day was to get a photo ID that he could use to fly home to Massachusetts. Later that morning,...