Michael Wallace Foundation for Mental Wellness

Happy Birthday, Mikey…

One of the very first memories I have as a child is looking up at the maternity ward at Leominster Hospital to see our mother standing there holding our brand new baby brother at the window for us to see. That was 44 years ago today.

Michael excelled at absolutely everything that he did. His smile would light up a room and his personality was magnetic. He loved his family and friends with ferocity and he would reach out to complete strangers with the kindness and compassion of a savior.

These are the things that define him to those of us that know and love him. A life like that should be celebrated and we could all stand to learn from his example and his passion for this gift of life.

So, even though it’s been over 14 years since we have seen or talked to him, we honor him. And we will continue to believe that he is out there, somewhere, doing what he has to do to stay well.

Happy Birthday, Mikey.

We love you so much and we hope you come home to us soon.



20 Years

20 Years

I half expected him to come walking down the street dressed as a clown like nothing ever happened.  Maybe ‘22’ years?