Michael Wallace Foundation for Mental Wellness

It is what you make it…

Today is Michael’s 45th birthday.

We do not have reservations for dinner and we will not be celebrating with cake.  There are no gifts to wrap, no home for us to visit…no number for us to call.

It’s been this way for 15 years.

Maybe the hardest part of it all is just…not knowing.   How do you resolve your emotions?  How do you stop worrying?  How do you process your grief when you have no answers?

I wish I could tell you.

What helps us most is knowing that the things we do in Michael’s honor have truly served to make an impact on the lives of others.  Sharing his journey, ending the stigma.  Raising funds and starting groups that help people find their own tools and resources to stay mentally healthy.   Partnering with those on the front lines helping to ensure people are treated with dignity and compassion.

Making sure the crowd “gets it”.

Michael wanted to fix this…not just for himself but, for everyone.  His love and kindness for others unparalleled.

This is how we celebrate him.  In the spirit of everything he is, or was.

Perspective, 21 Years

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20 Years

20 Years

I half expected him to come walking down the street dressed as a clown like nothing ever happened.  Maybe ‘22’ years?