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Words Matter…

To the woman this morning at Mr Mikes what a life you must have that you feel the need to whisper and judge others. Yes my son is Jon Morrell. Yes, Jon died by suicide.

Folks like you are why the stigma of suicide exists. I am proud to be Jon’s mom.

People that die by suicide are sick. It’s no different then having cancer or diabetes etc. Jon felt this world would be better off without him because that’s what some individuals decided to tell him.

We as parents don’t need to judge one another we need to stick together and figure out how we all can raise children that are respectful of one another. Individuals that this world can embrace to go on to do great things.

Raise children that lift one another up not knock them down , that respect all lives regardless of gender, race , sexual preference. If it makes you feel better to whisper and point at me at a gas station then go ahead set that example.

However I will continue to do just as I did this morning and say good morning and ask if you are talking about how much you adored my precious son. Odd that you didn’t answer and you and your friend just got back into your vehicle and drove away. You can’t break someone who is already broken and you will never embarrass me about my son.

Until you can walk a day in my shoes and see how far you get don’t judge me or anyone in my family. Why don’t you try to set the example and not judge? No one has a perfect life and the truth of the matter is anyone could be where we are at. I wish that upon no one. However, don’t judge us.

We loved him then and we love him now and miss him like crazy. Don’t let his name touch your lips unless you have something to say about the amazing young man he is.


Your Table

Your Table

I wonder if there will ever be a day that I don’t break down just thinking about you and looking at your pictures.

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