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Exposure Therapy…

Yesterday we went to the Red Sox. We took the T at Alewife in to Boston which is a huge deal for me, because I usually will do anything to avoid the subway.  But, I said to Stephen, lets do it!

Believe me I had LOTS of anxiety. it was definitely Exposure Therapy for me, which is sitting with my fear.

While at the game I was thinking of the ride back. I did it, didn’t care for it though.  I sit down directly across from this advertisement about OCD and Mass General Hospital….. was it a coincidence?  Of course, with having OCD, I was not getting off till I took a picture. I was determined to get a picture.

I stared at it while coming back from Boston, I thought to myself, Mental Health has come a long way. I told Stephen years ago you would of never seen such a thing.

Let’s continue to Break The Stigma

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