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Deconstructing Stigma…

This has to be one of my proudest moments.

First, I was chosen to be in the book called Deconstructing Stigma with a very large ribbon cutting ceremony.  3 years later, I was asked if my story could be shared at Logan Airport, Jet Blue terminal B and C, for a project they were putting up for McLeans Hospital. They change them every 3 years.

McLeans is where I was inpatient for about 10 weeks to work on ways to manage my debilitating OCD, anxiety and depression which, unfortunately, all work together.

Trust me when I say OCD is not putting pillows a certain way on the couch …etc. It is so much more.

I’ve had OCD since the age around 12, but back then nobody seemed to be aware of this, especially in children.  I was in my 20s when I was diagnosed finally!

I have OCD obsessive thoughts and some rituals.

With help, I’ve received therapy,  and medication.  I am able to function a normal life.  I still have my days, weeks and sometimes month.

They interviewed people all over the United States for this project, and here a girl from Leominster gets choosen.

A funny story, the first time we went to see it at the airport, a young couple who was just getting off a flight and coming down where the display is, saw Stephen and myself and asked if we wanted them to take our picture, I said sure, she gives me back my phone and says OMG that’s you!

Don’t ever judge anyone because you have no idea what they are going through in life.. we need to Deconstruct The Stigma On Mental Health 

I feel since the pandemic many people are probably suffering from Mental illness.

I ask you to please be there for family, friends etc. If they need to talk


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